Energy healing

Energy Healing

In an energy healing session the customer rests on a massage table with her / his clothes on. Part of the healing is done so that the customer is sitting on a chair. During the session energetic blocks are released.

Distance healing is done by using phone or Skype as communication tools. If a person lives far away from Kouvola or Mikkeli without the possibility to travel, then distance healing is useful.

Examples of session themes

– wrong body positions, for example legs are different length

– physical pain, especially chronic pain

– muscular tension

– emotional issues

– fatigue

– stress



75 min – 80 euro

3 * 75 min – 225 euro


Access Bars

During a Bars session, 32 points located in the head are touched gently. Often the person feels relaxed after the session. Several people have also felt the release of stress, and also the release of emotions, thoughts and limiting beliefs.

Implementation: Face to face.


70 min – 80 euro